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Это будет бесполезный пост без рисунков, лал. И я отключила оповещение, чтобы запись никого не бесила.

Эту штуку я случайно нашла в комментах в сообществе о Dreamfall Chapters вконтакте. Раньше не слышала об этой группе и не особо интересовалась таким жанром, но вот эта запись пробирает меня до глубины души. Эти персонажи.. они такие реальные.

Я слушала все это раз тридцать или сорок уже (:
В общем вот, пусть лежит здесь, чтобы не потерять.

-I had this dream last night.
-Dream? You still dream?
-Sometimes I do. It must be a glitch in the program. It’s like my mind is trying to balance itself out.
-So what of this…dream?
-I dreamt this pillar of thick darkness descending through the universe. It was dense and flowing, but at the same time, solid enough to touch. It was clear to me that it was made of the same fabric thoughts and feelings are made of.
-Are you high?
-No. But I so wish I were.
-Well, there’s a part of you I could live without.
-Why is getting high such a bad thing, anyway? If it were bad, they would call it “low.”
-You’re thinking with your brain again.
- You’re right, I’m sorry. Growing up, I was convinced that smart was the thing to be.
-The dream, darling. The dream.
-Oh, yes, um…this pillar of darkness was descending in a straight line through the universe
-But there are no straight lines in the universe, remember? Uncle Albert proved so a long, long time ago.
-Could I just –
-No, uh.. Of course. I’m procrastinating again.
-So, uh, this pillar of darkness, it was descending, and then at this odd time-space moment, it rested in a giant goblet of light. I could feel the darkness pushing, trying to pierce through the light, but it just couldn’t. The light wasn’t trying to push back, though; it just stood there all calm and vibrating ceaselessly. The collision produced this starry blood-red dust, which was slowly spreading all over the place. Some of it eventually reached me, and I noticed it emitted this peculiar noise.
-There’s no sound in the universe, silly. The Big Bang and all, happened in complete silence.
-And yet there was sound. There was a very precise one, for that matter. It was this ongoing E-minor chord. I can still hear it ringing in my head. Then, the dust and the noise drifted away, and I turned and saw it flying to this old, barren planet. And, by some miracle, the moment the dust touched the surface of the planet, it became alive. Forests and oceans and glaciers and mountains suddenly emerged out of the nothingness. And animals, all sorts of them, and people. And then I knew – this dust was the lifeblood of this planet, and of all planets. Thoughts and feelings filtered through light give us life. Life in E-minor.
-Love, why did you burden yourself with such things? All I see here is sophistry mixed with a bit of surrealism.
-Surrealism? Oh, come on. You know that.
-But where were you, then? I mean, where were you sitting to be able to see all this? Make no mistake, there’s no seat in the universe.
-You’re right. There is no seat in the universe, and if there ever was, it’s been empty for millennia, and it’s absolutely impossible for me to have been able to see all of these things. But, for what it’s worth, for that brief, subtle moment, I think that I was the universe.
-You think that you were the universe? Come, now. Give us a kiss, we’ll turn off the light, and put your darkness to sleep.
-Don’t you ever remember your dreams?
-No, not for a long time, I haven’t.
-But, what did you dream of when you could still remember?
-I can’t be sure, but I think I was dreaming…of freedom.

📌 P.S.: Пока писала, нашла официальное видео, но без него лучше (:

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